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They say you can tell a lot about a couple by the way they look into each others eyes. The glances that they steal to admire the one they love, and the gazes they share speaking a language only the two of them can understand. It is something that only someone who has been truly in love notices. When a person witnesses it, it is as beautiful as watching the sun dip into the ocean on a beach in Carmel.

There are moments that a woman spends her whole life day dreaming about. One of them is of course her wedding but before she can get married there is the dream of how her husband to be will propose. That moment marks the beginning of a series of moments she has have been dreaming about. Her proposal, her wedding, perhaps having her first child and being a family.

After the proposal, the most exciting thing is announcing the couples engagement to all their loved ones. Couples often take these opportunities to share the story of their love in photos. Whether it be how they met, how they share their life, or even what their shared passion is. Brianna Noelle excels at capturing the spark in the couples eyes and the love that they share. She loves to bring each persons personality into every photo and let the couples laugh and have fun. With her engagement photography services she can do all that and more.

Brianna Noelle Photography offers many different packages to meet the couples needs, and she is always available to talk through ideas. Contact me today to schedule your engagement photography session.

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