The title of this article may have caught your attention. This morning I read an article in Brides magazine. This article stated that the brides should avoid feeding their photographers. I cringed; why do they think this is ok? I’m not saying as a wedding photographer I expect to get a gourmet four course meal, but if I am there for 12 hours, carrying 50lbs of equipment don’t you think a sandwich should be provided? Most caterers prepare “vendor meals.” These are smaller portion or bag lunches which is great! We love this!

In my contract for weddings, I have a meal clause. Most of my brides are surprised that I have to even include this in my contract but have no problem feeding me.

Brides Magazine- You got this all wrong. Please feed all your vendors.

 Wedding Food


As a former wedding vendor, I also am shocked! Granted, I usually was in and out in only a couple of hours and before the reception even started, so there was never a need to feed me. But, in my opinion, every vendor who is at the reception should be fed. How could you just sit there and eat while your photographer/DJ/whoever goes hungry?!? I made sure all the vendors at my wedding were offered dinner. Just my thoughts.

Every Wedding I’ve shot the bride and groom always insist the vendors eat. The author of the brides Magazine article clearly doesn’t get it.

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