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In December I had the honor of photographing my first birth! And by first, I mean first I’ve ever seen outside of textbooks. So this day was life changing (in a good way!). We spent the night at Capital Midwifery‘s birth center in Sacramento as Sabrina’s labor progressed. Her mom, grandma and aunt were also there with the gorgeous mom to be and eager dad to be. The contractions kept getting worse and Sabrina powered through them. When she was ready, she got in the birthing tub and I was called in to photograph the birth.

This was an amazing experience. I cannot begin to describe the love and support that was in that birth suite; it was so moving. The amazing midwives were so loving and supportive. Check out some of my faves from the birth. (warning there are some slightly graphic images so not for those who are faint to blood 🙂 )

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Wow, such powerful and incredible moments. Beautifully intimate! 

What an awesome experience to be a part of! Wow! The raw emotion in your photos makes me feel like I was in the room. It’s wonderful to see the relationships between each person sharing this moment with this new mom and dad. Great job!

This is incredible! Beautifully captured! It is amazing that you  were part of this.

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